Crazy, Sticky Favor—Avoiding the Devil's Glue



God's favor releases a process that will ultimately lead to deliverance, breakthrough, and blessing. However, along the journey there will always be opportunity to be disappointed, offended, or discouraged. These are the devil's traps to keep you from reaching your destiny and stuck in the sticky glue of offense. The key to walking in God's favor is to carry a spirit of humility and faith, knowing that wherever you are, favor will find you.

Mahesh Chavda, 8/21/2013

Mrs. Fouse (Guest) 08/21/2013 00:48
Thank You Jesus for peace that supercedes all understanding that guards my heart and mind. Thank You Jesus for great peace and a love and delight for Your law and empowering me to meditate on it day and night. in Christ Jesus holy name. amen (Guest) 08/21/2013 02:00
Thank You Jesus. Exactly what I needed to hear/read right now. Including the above post. Jesus bless you and may His infinite love fill us everyday! (Guest) 08/22/2013 19:15
When I heard this post I felt huge, loving arms around me like If they were taking care of me.
I love favor.
Br.Phil (Guest) 08/22/2013 20:13
HalleluJah !! May I // we always remember that our Father will all ways make
a way where there seems to be No way !! I have seemed to be the character on the left lately !! King Jesus Christ I need some Help !! here !!
(Guest) 08/23/2013 08:21
Its taking forever to load this video...I know the devil doesn't want me to watch this...his tactics never change...but Jesus remains true and is love! Love and Cross = Victory!
Theresa (Guest) 08/23/2013 23:27
The Video will not load.... but I found it on Youtube.... Awesome Message... I receive the prophetic word.... Crazy, Sticky, Favor!
(Guest) 08/31/2013 02:10
Thank you God for peace, wisdom, you protect your own. Love you almighty one.